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Wine lovers & philosophy – HEBBO in Dobbiaco, Val Pusteria

With roots that give you wings

A place that celebrates the world of wine and good food.
One that expands your horizons and senses, always being inspired and fascinated.
It is the realisation of a long-held dream: welcome to Hebbo – your individual gourmet adventure.

Welcome to Hebbo
behind the scenes
The Name

Hebbo – for some it’s a random string of letters, for us it’s a homage to my father Herbert “Hebbo” Panzenberger. Just a few days after his unexpected death, a blackbird has come to visit us every day. We notice its special feather pattern: a white feather under the eye. It accompanied us for months, sitting at the window, watching us and becoming like a second shadow.

With its mere presence, the blackbird gives us strength, the burden on our shoulders becomes a little lighter, the days brighter. When our child was born, the blackbird disappeared from one day to the next. In Celtic mythology, the blackbird is considered a gatekeeper who guards the entrance to the other world, a mediator between the worlds and a power animal. Coincidence?

Winetasting Hebbo
behind the scenes
The Passion

With expertise and dedication. Spirit of discovery and open-mindedness. Openness to everything new and respect for the tried and tested. A wine list that is unique in its kind – with over 100 different champagnes and sparkling wines, finest drops from the best wine-growing regions in the world. In short: we are real gourmet and wine lovers.

David und Andreas The crew
behind the scenes
The crew

Andreas & the service team
Andreas is not only the head of the gang, but also a wine academic with body, vine and soul.
And who is on his team? Only the crème de la crème: organisational talents par excellence, guarantee of a good mood and perfect masters of hospitality.

David & the kitchen team
Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear a cooking apron and are real normal people. What the team around kitchen artist David conjures up every day is only available here at Hebbo.

Fireplace Hebbo
behind the scenes
The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Metropolitan & urban? Yes, please! Environmental pollution? No, thanks.
If your own grass isn’t green enough, don’t climb over the garden fence, but make sure that Mother Earth is doing well. A small step for us, a big one for the environment. That’s what we stand for:

  • Green Solutions: heating with wood chip system (suppliers from Casies, without long journeys)
  • Green Mobility: electric vehicles (company car, e-quads etc.)
  • No Waste: saving paper, digital guest directory
  • Shop local: regional products without long delivery routes to the shop
  • Taste the Difference: primarily local & regional products from local farmers
  • No Plastics: reduction of plastic bottles in the shop and at breakfast in the chalet
  • In the future: next step on our to-do list? A solar system for the independent production of electricity and a collecting basin for rainwater.