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Regional delicatessen & gourmet shop in Dobbiaco – HEBBO

Deli with a Twist

We step out of line and swim against the tide – that’s why we have made something special out of our camping shop: in our delicatessen & delicacies shop in Dobbiaco you will find no off-the-shelf products. In other words, we mostly rely on regional diversity in organic quality, preferably from local producers, farmers, cheese dairies and butchers. Hand picked and selected with love for your gourmet experience.

Wine bottle with antipasti and bread Regional specialties

And everything that doesn’t come from South Tyrol? We source from our food suppliers of trust, which has specialised exclusively on organic and biodynamic products. In addition to the fine pleasures, we also offer products for everyday needs.

Shop - Hebbo
  • Bakery: fresh baked goods from the local baker every day, including on Sundays and public holidays
  • Say cheese: delicious cheese variations from small farmers and the Dobbiaco dairy
  • Ham-tastic: exquisite sausage specialities from the region and Italy
  • Daily use: products for everyday use

P.S. Let’s talk about money.

Yes, quality has its price. Our products are sustainably produced and therefore have a higher value that they absolutely deserve. Budget hunters will find plenty of alternatives to shopping in Dobbiaco and the surrounding area – including off-the-shelf products. But if you are looking for something special, an incomparable gourmet experience and… appreciate conscious handling of high-quality food, then you have come to the right place.