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Wine tastings & wine events in Dobbiaco in the Val Pusteria

What you can uncork today …

…, don’t put off until tomorrow. The truth, if one is to believe a saying, is known to be hidden in the wine. We probably won’t find the answers to all of our questions at the bottom of the empty wine bottles – but you should at least take a look. Whether a wine connoisseur, hobby connoisseur or absolute grape novice – if you want to find out more about the world of wine, it’s best to make a reservation for your private tasting in Dobbiaco! As the saying goes: first try, then study.

Wine from a decanter is poured into a glass Wine tasting at Hebbo with local red wine Private wine tasting event Romantic wine tasting

Sommeliers Table

… the hotspot for unforgettable wine experiences: a table, great wines and goodcompany.
We don’t just organise your private tasting, but also special events, at which the winemakers and representatives of the wineries are also guests. Whether it’s the legendary Pinot Noir or other exciting discoveries, we plan to explore every facet of each wine. It’s not just about tasting wines – we want to create a lively atmosphere in which wine plays the main role. We take the time to tell their stories.



Private Tasting | from two to a maximum of twelve people | Guide price €169.00 for two people (price on request for additional people)

Wine cellar with glasses of red wine on the table Special-event at the wine cellar with Andreas Panzenberger Winetasting-Hebbo-Andreas Hebbo event wine tasting party

Classic Private Wine‑Tasting

… takes you on a wine journey across South Tyrol – where you are not a silent observer, but are interactively included: Six different wines are tasted and together we philosophise about colour, taste and smell. We will spoil you while you enjoy your wine with delicious finger food and typical South Tyrolean specialities. By the way, wine academic Andreas is happy to respond to your requests: do you want to concentrate entirely on French wines? Let’s make it happen!


Private tasting | up to a maximum of twelve people | Price on request 1 x monthly special wine nights | Registration at reception